Dig in your Sensitivity
Bergolo, Italy
17 - 26 September 2019
Youth Exchange

About ZOOM

It's a Youth Exchange that brings together 35 youngsters from 7 European Countries.

The project ZOOM - Dig in your Sensitivity is to practise Art, Expression and Communication.


Starting from RECOGNITION OF ONE'S IDENTITY we meet the other and open an INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE where invent CREATIVE EXPRESSION.

WHY? The duration of attention is becoming ever shorter and the use of the main communication methods contribute to make the use of lexicon ever simpler, a rediscovery of traditions and of the real meaning of words become an instrument for dialogue and reflection. So that ZOOM aims to a conscious and mature confrontation among European youngsters.

HOW? Reducing communication barriers. Increasing the capacity of communication of personal ideas in order to find an effective way to reach the listeners.

  • body language, theatre and body expression techniques,

  • poetry as the first mean to deepen the use of lexicon, 

  • mother tongue to be aware of the source of the thought,

  • the evolution into English to manage to be understood by a wider range of people.

Are you interested in discover more about what is a Youth Exchange? Click here.

Participants' learning experiences will be recognised through a Youthpass.



The Youth Exchange ZOOM is a project made by 3 phases. Participating partially can not be an option as by the regulations of the Erasmus Plus program.

Phase 1

A) ADVANCED PREPARATORY VISIT: the youth leaders from each country meet with the coordinators to prepare for the exchange, they discover the location and the surronding, they share the characteristics of the participants and adapt the program to their needs, they choose workshop to facilitate and they take agreements for the preparation and follow-up phase of the project.


B) Preparation: the participants prepare for the exchange together with group leaders and the sending organizations, they plan the practical aspects of the exchange (travel, finding the resources to pay the personal contribution), and partecipate in the on-line missions (happening through a facebook group with all participants).

Phase 2 - YOUTH Exchange: The participants will be involved in activities of self-expression to develop their level of communication both in mother tongue and English; poetry will be the frame to experience new learnings. It is required that participants take part in all the activities and they will have as well the opportunity to provide their own workshops.

Phase 3 - Post exchange: after the exchange the participants implement their individual action plan with the support of their Group Leaders and sending organizations, there will be space on this web platform for participants to publish their works in the dedicated session "blog"
They also fill in the evaluation form and write a testimonial of their experience.

libri usati


The program is build on four main aspect of poetry: WORD connected to thought, to action, to art in general, as a constitutive element of language; RHYTHM as fundamental link between poetry and music; FEELING since through poetry we can express the inexpressible; MEANING as union between inner and out world. The flowing of the program is a frame in which explore each aspect and their combination.

Activities will be provided by Group Leaders with the support of ZOOM Team and during the whole program there will be opportunities for participants to build and propose their workshops in order to share their talents and experiment co-creation with other youngsters so that the Youth Exchange will be a collective creation!

Day 0 - 17th Sept.

Day 0 - 17th Sept.

Arrival of participants and welcoming in the venue

Day 1 - 18th Sept.

Day 1 - 18th Sept.

EXPLORATION: Oneself - the group - the project.

Day 2 - 19th Sept.

Day 2 - 19th Sept.

WORDS: Dive into sensations and creation

Day 3 - 20th Sept.

Day 3 - 20th Sept.

SOUND: How is sound involved into poetry?

Day 4 - 21st Sept.

Day 4 - 21st Sept.

STORIES: Play with meanings and languages

Day 5 - 22nd Sept.

Day 5 - 22nd Sept.

RHYTHM: A dance with words, stories & emotions

Day 6 - 23rd Sept.

Day 6 - 23rd Sept.

MEANING: The power and potential of symbols

Day 7 - 24th Sept.

Day 7 - 24th Sept.

RE-FRAME: Deconstruct for reconstruct

Day 8 - 25th Sept.

Day 8 - 25th Sept.

TOOLS: Find the better way to express yourself!

Day 9 - 26th Sept.

Day 9 - 26th Sept.

Departures day. Closing and leaving the venue


An individual while going through the program can identify different areas of improvement and choose to work on them according to her/his needs. Nevertheless the possible outcomes connected with the topics of cross-cultural communication through poetry are:

  • Open an intercultural and interpersonal dialogue​​;

  • Increase the linguistic baggage both in English and mother tongue;

  • Increase the understanding of the English language;

  • Overcome fear of communication;

  • Improve communication skills: moving from spontaneous expression to convey effective and meaningful messages;

  • Rediscover one's cultural heritage and increase the cultural knowledge regarding other European countries;

  • To know poetry not only as an artistic form but also as a tool for understanding the context and oneself;

  • To improve self-awareness and sharing tools through the use of art and creativity;

  • To increase knowledge about useful tools for self-publishing and about sharing tools for the co-creation of literary products, with a particular focus on the possibilities offered in each Country and on the needs of the sending organizations;

  • Active use of creativity;

  • Develop teamwork skills​;

  • Develop active listening.

Moreover this Youth Exchange provide a frame in which every participant is the creator of her/his own experience, so she/he can connect the previous expected outcomes with her/his personal goals related to the project.



The project will happen Bergolo, a little town of 68 inhabitants located on the hills of Piedmont. We will stay in the hostel L'alveare (meaning the "The Hive"); it offers a dining area; bedrooms with 2/3/4 beds; a kitchen for groups and a large terrace overlooking the hills. Three meals per day and coffee breaks will be arranged during the program. Together with us in venue there will be volunteers of Vagamondo. Since a Youth Exchange is also an experience of common living we, as a group, will be responsible for the caring and cleaning of the spaces that we will be using to keep a friendly and respectful environment.

There will be a common transfert from Torino Porta Susa station to Bergolo and vice versa the day of arrival and of departure. The cost of this transport is 35 EUR both ways, consider it while planning your travel: it is the only way to reach the venue.



1 Group Leader per Country

25 - 28 June 2019

25 June Arrival of Group Leaders

26 - 27 June Activities

28 June Departure of Group Leaders


The same Group Leader +

4 participants per Country

17 - 26 September 2019

17 September Arrival of participants

18 - 25 September Youth Exchange

26 September Departure of participants



This program is supported by a co-funding of the European Union allocated by the Erasmus + program through the Italian National Agency. Therefore accomodation, food, materials, the program and the travel costs up to the maximum amount will be covered or reimbursed.

TRAVEL REIMBURSMENT: To receive the reimbursement for your travel to Italy:

  • take part in all phases of the project;

  • find the most cost-efficient way available to you; 

  • provide printed version of all the required travel documents (flight itinerary and boarding passes, bus and train tickets). You are allowed to arrive or depart MAX 2 DAYS BEFORE AND 2 DAYS AFTER the activity dates of Youth Exchange (THIS MEAN: the earliest day you can travel is 16th of September, the latest day to travel is 27th of September).

  • Bear in mind that extra days will not be supported with food and accomodation and if you stay longer than 2 days before/after your travel costs will not be reimbursed.

So before booking the tickets for your journey wait to receive the official confirmation letter, send us your travel plan and wait for our approval. The reimbursement is done when follow-up activities are completed as natural closing step of the project, up to the amounts stated below:








of ORIGIN                         


(4 participants + 1 Group Leader each)

Non Formal Co-creative Wizards


Solidarity Mission

ESN Almería

Embaixada da Juventude

Point of VYou



€ 35
€ 275

€ 275

€ 275

€ 250

€ 275

€ 275

apply (2).png


  • Your age is between 18 and 26 years old (except the national leader who doesn't have age limit)

  • You want to discover more about the world of poetry, you want to share your talents and creativity and learn from other youth about this topic

  • You are interested in developing your attitudes, skills and knowledge in the areas of personal development and cultural awareness through poetry, body movement, theatre

  • You are willing to take part in the whole programme and in all the activities

  • You are ready to get involved in non-formal activities for a duration of around 10 hours per day

  • You are able to communicate in simple English

  • You are officially resident in one of the following countries: Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania or Spain

  • You will not be benefitting from any other Erasmus Plus fund during the program in Italy (ex. you are not doing the European Voluntary Service)

About us

Vagamondo, based in the metropolitan area of Torino (Italy), is an NGO focused on European mobility and non-formal education. It provides learning and growing opportunities for young people and youth workers.

The name Vagamondo comes from the concept of travel as a powerful tool of self-discovery and personal development: it is through direct contact with cultural and personal differences that identity becomes more visible to every individual, it is coming out of the comfort zone, getting involved in new activities, different from the usual ones, that people can identify room to grow and work on themselves.

In that condition of clarity non-formal education becomes a playground where people can practice new ways of thinking, acting and an effective tool to make a change that can create a long-term positive impact once back home, thus to improve the quality of personal and professional life.

From 2013 to 2018 Vagamondo took part in the organization and implementation of more than 70 international projects in Italy and abroad, involving more than 300 young people and youth workers.

Mail: info@vagamondo.info

Facebook page


ZOOM Staff

Elena Aziani

Contact person

Hi beautiful people!

My name is Elena, I am a theatre-education operator and set designer. I love to connect art and creativity with body consciousness and expression to explore unique potential of everyone. Since three years I partecipate in project for European mobility of youngsters. In this project I will be the person which will communicate with you for everything before and after the exchange. So, if you have any doubt...just write me and I will welcome you!

Michele Battistella

Group Leaders Coordinator

Hello everyone!

I am Michele and I'm passionate and student in Human Rights and Outdoors activities. I use Theater of the Oppressed and Dragon Dreaming methodologies to facilitate people, groups and communities in their evolution and growth. around the world to create connections and sharing among cultures and people. In ZOOM project I will be coordinator and facilitator of Group Leaders and bring my experience and craziness to enrich the activities of our program!

Emilio Milani

Program Facilitator

Hello! I am Emilio.

I am a theatre-education operator and a director. I have been involved for many years in performing arts looking for their synesthesic and poetic fusion and their expression linked to the synthesis and richness of poetry. I experiment the languages of art in order to enhance cultural heritage and theatrical research. In ZOOM I will support you to co-create a safe space in which explore your identity through poetry and tune in your magic for express yourself through arts!

Fabiano Bruno

Administration & Overview

Hello, my name is Fabiano.

I got a degree in Cross-cultural communication and linguistic, with focus on Teaching of Italian for Foreigners. I am youth worker and trainer, I am director of Associazione Vagamondo and I cooperate with other NGOs. I have been working in youth exchanges, training and other programs for more then 10 years in several countries in Europe. In Zoom I am in charge mainly of the administration and documentation of the project and of keeping a general overview. For me poetry is FUN: what I enjoy the most is the contrast of linguistic style and meaning that sometimes can bring such humorous result! See you soon in in Italy!

Fabrizio Gallo

Media Expert

Hello, my name is Fabrizio.

I am in love with video-making and photography, I think it’s a really powerful way of communication, I am owner and founder of Langhe Droni, small business about video-making. I’m also youth worker and freelance trainer and facilitator of youth projects! My main role in the exchange is connected with this passion: I will make a video of the exchange and I will create daily galleries on our medias. A curiosity about me and writing: I am judge in a national essay contest, the contest took the name of a story that I wrote when I was a child and I was the first winner of that contest! 

Group Leaders

Who is a GROUP LEADER? The Group Leader is a youth worker with previous experience in Erasmus plus that want to take part in the creation and facilitation of the activities of the program and bring her/his knowledge about the topic of the exchange.

The National Group Leader will be responsible for:

-In the preparation phase: the selection of the participants together with her/his sending organization; the communication with the selected participants; support them in practical preparation (find the most suitable and cheap trasport for the Exchange); take part in APV activities (25-28 June 2019).

-In the exchange: create and facilitate parts of the program, coordinate and lead a daily reflection group of participants from different nationalities, be the referent of her/his national group. 

-In the post-exchange: coordinate the follow-up of the participants from the same nation; communication between participants, sending organization and Vagamondo.

To become a Group Leader it is necessary to have a positive and cooperative attitude and propensity to work in international groups!

Anne Sophie

"The Group Connecter"

Danish Group Leader


"The Poem Sharer"

Estonian Group Leader


"The Energizer"

Greek Group Leader


"Photo & Social Media"

Italian Group Leader


"Care & Support"

Portuguese Group Leader


"Spiritual Connecter"

Romanian Group Leader

In addition to the outcomes mentioned above, the Group Leaders will acquire skills regarding the structuring of an Erasmus + program and the possibilities it offers to youth workers; team building, coordination and management of a group; methods for reaching agreements through active listening, how to support learning processes and attention to inclusiveness.

Do you think you have the attitude and experience to be part of the Group Leaders for this Youth Exchange?

Are you willing to improve your skills as youth worker and you are passionate about art and poetry?

Contact the sending organization of your Country and indicate it in the application form!



Non Formal Co-creative Wizards

Contact person: Anne Sofie Nielsen


Contact person: Gerhard Trolla

Facebook page

Solidarity Mission Academy

Contact person: Anna Cheimona

Facebook page

Web page




ESN Almería

Contact person: Josè Antonio Segura Orta

Facebook page

Web page

Embaixada da Juventude

Contact person: Paula Rocha


Facebook page

Point of Vyou

Contact person: Diana Vestineanu


Facebook page

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